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Some of our destinations:

Tired of the mountain? Are the plains too plain? Come along with us on one of our sea adventures. Here are some pictures from people who have had elevated experiences with us.

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Tour Packages:

We offer a variety of tour packages. Whether you've sailed Pacific ocean or don't even know what a sea is, we've got the perfect vacation for you.

Guided Trips

Looking for the complete experience? Take a tour with one of our experts. They'll show you secrets that you're likely to miss otherwise.

Photo Trips

Want to experience nature's beauty without all of that annoying exercise? Take a photo tour on one of our ferry travel.

Sailing trips

If boats are more your speed, consider taking a tour whrough one of our sailing paths. We'll provide the boats, and lunch too!

Racing Trips

Got a competitive spirit? Sign up for one of our sailing marathons! Try to reach the summit before anyone else.

Testimonials from our adventures

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If you want to understand the universe, head at the sea. I mean, seriously. It's like, woah. You know? It's like that.

- Tim Garcia

Wow! This tour made me realize how much I love sea sights. After going on one of these tours, I can safely say that they are my favorite geographic feature, and my favorite word that starts with S.

- Ellie Schoppik

I never understood why people cared so much about seas. But then I went on one of these tours. Now I can't understand poeple who don't care about seas!

- Colt Steele

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